About Arcturus

Alpha Star of Boötes
NGC - 19242
Class -K2
Magnitude - 0.2
Tropical Zodiac position - 23°Libra38´

Arcturus, the fourth brightest star in the heavens, is the one of the closest bright stars at 37 light years from our Solar system. It is 115 times brighter than our Sun. Arcturus is a large clear beautiful sparkling light orange K-type star, easily seen in the northern Sky in the Constellation Boötes - the hunter/gatherer - from the Greek word meaning Herdsman. Boötes, the son of Demeter, Goddess of the Earth and Harvest, and was rewarded with a place in the sky for inventing the plough drawn by two oxen. Another legend tells it as - Boötes, known as Arcas, (Arcturus) the son of Zues and beautiful nymph Callisto. Callisto was changed into a bear by Zeus to shield her from his jealous wife Hera. When Callisto was almost killed by her son, as he was out hunting, Zeus rescued her taking her into the sky where she became Ursa Major, the Great Bear, (also known as the plough or big dipper in modern times). Boötes is said to be herding the Great Bear with the dogs of nearby Canes Venatici driving the Great Bear of Ursa Major (Big Dipper) and the Little Bear (Ursa Minor, or the "Little Dipper").

Arcturus being the brightest star in the northern sky is outstanding in its own region and thus dominates the constellations around Boötes and comes from the Greek meaning "guardian of the Bear". Sometimes Arcturus is seen to flicker incessantly when low on the horizon and has a large actual proper motion, moving in the sky quite rapidly. Astronomers claim it has moved twice the Moon's apparent diameter in the past 2000 years, says David H Levy, who found Comet Levy near Arcturus one evening in 19871. 1987 was The Year of the Harmonic Convergence - a Consciousness awakening and beginning of the Earth's modern day Ascension Process. This exceptional proper motion of Arcturus, relative to the background stars, means its movement through the Galaxy, approaching us at a rate of 5 kilometres per second, will inevitably see it pass us and shift from Boötes to Virgo and drop from the naked eye visibility in half a million years. It is a Population II star belonging to the galactic halo, so that its orbit is sharply inclined, and it is now cutting through the main plane of the Galaxy. Earth will have ascended by then.

The Octagon and the Eight pointed star are visual representations of the Arcturus Connection, and you can find many references to that. A different approach - 'the Cosmic Bow & Arrow', the light-worker, the bringer of a balance in 100% light quotient. Arcturus embodies the daring to strike out and take a new path. To try a new method. To go in a direction that has not been travelled before and expand the horizon in knowledge, love and service universally.

My first visual impression of Arcturus jumped out from David H Levy's book in December 1995, a week or so after I had been connected for the first time consciously to the Arcturian Connection through a wondrous channelled message through an interpreter who guided my awakening to the work of the Arcturians. This was an extraordinary series of events for me at that time. Worth reading, is the book 'We the Arcturians'2

I interpret the above legend as - the cosmic worker dedicated to light up, put love & service to all the Earth. The Arcturians call Earth 'Terra' and love all beings at all dimensions and service is their business for The Power Of One, - description from Atlantis times. (God or Greater Good).

© Sjoerd Tyssen. Feb 2003.

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2 We the Arcturians - A True Experience - by Dr Norma J. Milanovich - Athena Publishing 1990

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